Lake Waconia / Coney Island

Located on the northern edge of the City of Waconia is beautiful Lake Waconia. Lake Waconia is the largest lake in Carver County and the second-largest in the Twin Cities seven-county area. Additional lakes in the area include Reitz Lake, Pierson’s Lake, Parley Lake and Hydes Lake. Coney Island, a privately owned property, is located in the middle of the lake towards the southern end.

In the summer, Lake Waconia hosts a multitude of recreational activities: sailing, boating, fishing, water-skiing, tubing, jet-skiing, paddling, pontooning and swimming. In the spring, late summer and fall, the wide-open waters and seasonal winds attract wind surfers, sailboarders, sailors and kiteboarders from miles around. Find out more on the Summer Recreation page.

Lake Waconia becomes a city unto itself in the winter, with hundreds of ice-fishing houses forming a community of anglers enjoying a Minnesota winter. Learn more on the Winter Recreation page.

Lake Statistics

  • Lake Area (acres): 3080
  • Littoral Area (acres): 1660
  • Maximum Depth (ft): 37
  • Water Clarity (ft): 5.0 (4-5.5)
Wind Surfing

Excellent Seasonal Winds

”Lake Waconia is the most popular high-wind lake in the Twin Cities metro area and has been the site for over 60 windsurfing regattas, starting with the Windsurfer District 5 Championships in 1978.” Lake Waconia, choice of the 2012 Kona North American Championships