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Summer Adventure

Extreme sports enthusiasts come to Waconia for the wind. These sports involve speed, height, great physical exertion, risk and specialized gear—proceed at your own risk!

Kiteboarding combines aspects of surfing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, paragliding, and more. Kiteboarding is considered a dangerous and technical sport.

Dynamik Kiteboarding offers lessons: “Strong winds are essential as snowkiters need to harness the power of the wind to propel themselves across the surface or into the sky – if the wind is right, snowkiters can travel hundreds of feet. Snowkiting can be practiced on any wide plain of snow or frozen lake. If you’re not sure where to start, Dynamik Kiteboarding offers lessons on Lake Minnetonka, White Bear Lake, Lake Waconia and Lake Calhoun.” “Waconia is one of the best local kiting lakes… The launch is very user-friendly with shallows at least 150ft out. There aren’t many docks to contend with. Windsurfers and kiters share the NE launch. This launch works great from most directions except E and NE. If you are not that experienced look for SSE, S, SSW or NNW days for body drags. The west winds are directly onshore and can be dangerous if you can’t immediately shoot upwind…the beach is fairly crowded on hot days so you may want to ride this site only in the offseason or cooler days.”

Flyboarding or hydroflying: A flyboarder stands on a small platform that shoots a powerful jet of water downwards, sending the person up into the air. The jet’s water supply is sucked up via a long pipe that trails behind the flyboarder like a tail.

Aquatic hoverboards blast the rider into the air. The participant “rides” along skateboard-style, free to perform spins and grabs as well as skimming along the surface of the water.

Winter Adventure

Extreme sports enthusiasts come to Waconia for the winter winds too!

Snowkiting is a mixture of snowboarding and kitesurfing and is popular on Lake Waconia. Snowkiting in strong winds can be dangerous and requires great physical strength.

Ice yachting is a sailboat set on top of blades allowing the crew to cruise across the ice.

Snow kayaking: Like sledding, this sport needs a snow-covered hill, and the kayaker needs the strength to haul a kayak up that hill. The kayak can be steered with a paddle on the trip down the hill.

Snowcross is motocross on snow but in place of motorcycles, riders use snowmobiles.

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