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Business Education Network

The Business Education Network (BEN) is a partnership of businesses in the manufacturing and trades industry and Waconia Public Schools that work to provide real-world and hands-on learning experiences relevant to the manufacturing and trades industry. Goals:

  • Program Development Growth– To assist Career and Technical Education (CTE) programming and to build teacher awareness of new developments in the CTE industry. 
  • Develop Skills and Build Future Workforce – To guide in determining skills needed for jobs at entre, technical, and professional levels so that the skills may be included in the instructional program. 
  • Experience Real World, Hands-On Learning – to share industry internships, partnerships, and work experience options available for students.

Grow Minnesota!

Driving economic growth by connecting your business to Minnesota Resources.

Waconia Works Signing Day

A day to recognize Waconia High School seniors for their decision to enter the workforce full-time post-graduation with a local company in manufacturing or trades and to highlight the local businesses that provide these opportunities.

Experience The Trades


Waconia has undoubtedly changed throughout the years; schools have been built, new families have moved in, and businesses now fill the space where grass once grew, but one thing that’s remained the same is Waconia’s unwavering commitment to, and support of, the community, especially its youth. We see it in the fundraisers, in the championing of quality education and it’s readily apparent in the multitude of local gatherings that aim to bring people together and cultivate a sense of belonging. So, four years ago when the opportunity presented itself to connect curious young people with successful local industry partners, and Waconia rose to the occasion… well… nobody was surprised.

Teacher in the Workplace

A program to connect educators with local business leaders and employers, by bridging the gap between the classroom and industry. From this program, teachers learn the skills and industry requirements to provide their students with a real-world, hands-on, and relevant learning experience. This program assists in economic development and future workforce and gives students, parents, and teachers exposure to the good jobs available in the Waconia area. 

Career Exploration Fair

Exploring Careers through Student and Professional Engagement

Students interact with professionals from different businesses and nonprofits to learn about local careers, work environments, skill sets, earning potential, and training needed for future employment. WHS students, grades 9-12, explore careers to align courses and other partnership opportunities that match their interests.

Waconia Career Exploration Fair at Waconia High School




Chamber luncheons feature people and businesses that matter to business! We work to educate, inform, and inspire at our meetings.

Waconia Chamber Luncheon

Coffee Connections


Each month, a different business hosts the Coffee Connection. We appreciate the opportunity to catch up and make new connections more than ever!

Coffee Connection Gathering Waconia Minnesota

Waconia Young Professionals


Waconia Young Professionals (WYP) is a dynamic group of business professionals seeking to connect with others. A division of the Waconia Chamber of Commerce, WYP is dedicated to both personal and professional growth.

waconia young professionals logo

Grand Opening Celebrations


The Waconia Chamber celebrates new businesses with ribbon cuttings. We are so thankful that our area continues to grow and we are happy to welcome new and expanding businesses.

Ribbon cutting at SIU in Waconia MN



It’s happy hour! After Hours is a space to network and connect with other Chamber members, you guessed it, after hours.

Pouring beer in Lola's Lakehouse in Waconia



We celebrate the holidays with a themed cocktail party at a chamber member location to say cheers to a remarkable year!

Dressed Up for the Waconia Chamber Holiday Party



We have a themed golf event every year at Island View Golf Club. 

winners of golf tournament hold their trophy
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